NameTracey-Ann Stitchell

Organization/AffiliationUniversity of Saskatchewan

Entry DateMay 19, 2021

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Provide an explanation of the purpose for the data access request.

The purpose of this data access request is to use this secondary data as part of my research. Primarily the objective it addresses is one that examines students responses to e-cigarette-related questions.

Attach any relevant documents (e.g. research proposals, protocols, etc.)


How will this data or analysis request assist with your work?

This data request will enable me to complete one of the objectives of my thesis, which is centred on the use of particular questions from this survey.

How does your request support the vision, mission, and values of SAYCW?

This request support the vision, mission and values of SAYCW as it enables the information to be used to better understand youth behavior to inform possible policies and practices geared towards improving youth health and well-being as well as health promotion among this population.

Provide a statement of the problem and the specific research questions that you will address. If you feel that the topic boxes on the following page of this online form are too vague, please identify the specific survey questions you want data from.

E-cigarette use among youth continue to increase over the past decade. Due to the novel nature of this smoking product, there is still information about its short and long term effects that is still unknown. Hence, it is critical to continue to monitor its use among youth to ensure vital programmes and policies are implemented to protect and promote health and well-being among youth. My research objective is to examine e-cigarette questions and their responses in the second wave of the survey. The specific questions i am interested in are;
a) 1-10
b) 67-69
c) 71-73

What are the anticipated timelines of your research/project (i.e, start date, end date and dissemination timelines of outcomes)?

My research started from Sept 2019 and end date is August 2021. Dissemination of outcomes is projected for 2022.

Are you currently working with a school or school division/authority for which you are requesting this data? If so, please describe the partnership?


Do you plan to submit an empirical manuscript, poster, or other scientific presentation based on your analysis?


Through what channels will this information be disseminated?

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  • Approval from School Division/Authority or designate for which data has been requested (this step will be facilitated by SAYCW).

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