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SAYCW Youth Health Survey

What’s the SAYCW Youth Health Survey?

The SAYCW Youth Health Survey is a census-style survey, where all schools and school divisions or authorities across the province are invited to have their students from Grade 7 to 12 participate in the survey. This ensures that locally-relevant data is available to all schools and communities and does not exclude schools based on type of school authority, geography or size.

The Youth Health Survey focuses on risk and protective factors for health and well-being and collected data on the following themes:

  • Demographics
  • Oral Health
  • Sun and UVR Safety
  • Healthy Weights
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Sleep
  • Mental Health and Well-being
  • Tobacco Use
  • Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Sexual Health

View the Youth Health Survey used in Cycle 1.

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How the Youth Health Survey was Developed

The Youth Health Survey was developed in partnership with SAYCW members from the education and health sectors, as well as content experts. The survey is intended to respond to the needs and interests of schools and communities and to provide high-quality local data on health topics of interest to them. The survey was pilot-tested in 6 diverse schools across the province. SAYCW is working to improve the survey between survey cycles to ensure the data that is captured is as useful as possible to schools and communities.

Why should your school participate?
To find out more about the benefits of participating in the SAYCW Youth Health Survey click here.

Support youth and community well-being through the collaborative action of community partners working together. Through evidence, tools and resources, SAYCW supports stakeholders to turn the knowledge gained through the youth health survey into health promoting action.

SAYCW 2016 Provincial Youth Health Report

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This brief questionnaire seeks feedback from schools, school divisions, health regions, and other Saskatchewan stakeholders on the SAYCW Youth Health Survey, the results reports, and the school and community grant. We hope to learn from you to improve SAYCW’s work in conducting our next Youth Health Survey, preparing the results reports, and translating the knowledge into action.

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