SAYCW Healthy Schools and Communities Grants Now Accepting Applications

October 2, 2017

The third application period for the SAYCW Healthy Schools and Communities Grant is now open! The deadline for applications is 11:59 p.m. on November 3, 2017.

The Grant Review Committee will review applications over the month of November 2017, and successful applicants can expect to receive funds in January 2018.

For an overview of the preferences of the Grant Review Committee, please refer to the Grants website. For more information about the grant requirements and funding criteria, please review the Application Guide.

A note for previous applicants: If you submitted an application for the previous two application periods and were unsuccessful, you are welcome to apply during the third application period. There have been some minor changes to the questions in the application form; however, when you log in using the same username and password you will be able to view your previous application(s) and copy content to include in your new application.

Please go to the Grants website to submit your online application. Good luck!

Support youth and community well-being through the collaborative action of community partners working together. Through evidence, tools and resources, SAYCW supports stakeholders to turn the knowledge gained through the youth health survey into health promoting action.

Youth-focused Mental Health Action Report shines light on challenges and ignites movement for solutions
A new report released this week is bringing attention to mental health challenges faced by more than 10,000 youth across the province—and actions at the grassroots level to ignite change.

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This report provides a brief review of the scientific literature on COVID-19 and its effects on youth health, with particular emphasis on mental health.  SAYCW shares relevant data from the pre-pandemic, 2019 SAYCW survey – these findings show how stressors and unhealthy behaviours that have been worsened by the pandemic (e.g., worry, connection with others, screen time, etc.) had impacted Saskatchewan youths’ health and well-being prior to the pandemic. Suggested health promotion actions to help mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and improve youth health and well-being are also shared.

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