K to A: Youth Rising

Here is a testimonial from the project lead of Youth Rising, an educational project on interpersonal violence that the SAYCW grant program funded:

Last year I embarked on a big project entitled Youth Rising with over 160 elementary school students, funded by the SAYCW. Youth Rising was designed to educate youth about violence against women and empower them to make a change through dance.  The project partnered with two other community agencies, the Boys and Girls Club of the Battlefords and Battlefords Kids First who both did community projects focused on empowering their clientele.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of our program was that the education and levels of student engagement allowed for a deeper understanding of the issues of violence against women and it showed the youth that they can make a positive difference. The creative design allowed for youth to be involved in every area of this project.  This project was for youth, by youth and that is why our message was so strong.  The project also reached students, parents, community members who may have experienced violence and showed them that they are not alone and that we will rise together to stand up against all forms of violence.

Youth Rising is something that our students will remember being a part of and something that they can share with others. We have had several other community agencies, parents, and younger students asking what project we will be doing this year as they want to be a part of it.  Youth Rising was a pro-active, positive, fun and creative project that brought our students, parents and community together.

I strongly believe that to create positive change it is important to think out of the box. Try new things.  Take some chances.  SAYCW provided us this opportunity and it was a huge success.  We would not have been able to do something like this without the support of SAYCW and we are so thankful that Youth Rising became a reality.

youth rising photo

Here is one of the products of this project, a music video called Breaking the Chains, which tells everyone to stand up against all forms of interpersonal violence:



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