K to A: Cultural Connections Group

This group was initiated by students who wanted to learn more about Indigenous culture.

The Cultural Connections Group would meet every Tuesday at lunch. During this time, they would take part in a sharing circle/smudge/check-in. Tuesdays became the days that the group would invite Knowledge Keepers ,Elders, or speakers to share knowledge.

Generally, these teachings would correspond with an activity the group would work on for a couple of weeks. Some examples of these activities include dream catchers, raw hide Christmas ornaments, crafting and traditional art pieces, drumming and dancing.

The group also attended various events and outings such as the Think Indigenous conference, The Future is Yours Career Expo, Residential Survivor speaking engagements.

This group was a great success. Staff at the school noticed positive relationships developed, confidence building, and students were proud to share not only their culture but also their strengths and gifts. They also noticed that many of the students who attended group on a regular basis showed improvement in their overall attendance and grades.

Dream Catcher - crafts Ornaments - crafts

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